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Nov 27, 2022

🚨Hot topic alert! 🚨

At Pet Boss Nation®, we’ve been having conversations like this one a lot recently, so we wanted to bring it to the podcast in case anyone else out there in the pet industry is struggling with this… 

Doodle grooms! 

As doodles are becoming more and more popular… matted doodles are becoming more and more common for groomers. And when groomers are forced to shave a doodle down shorter than the owner expects, it can lead to some tough conversations and an upset customer. 

Even if you’re not a groomer, and you don’t own a grooming salon, you’ve probably run into a difficult situation with a customer in general, and the tips in this episode will help you too! 

The five tips in this episode all point back to one main idea: 

Being proactive vs. reactive. 

They can easily be applied to countless different scenarios in the pet industry, and they’ll certainly save you some future headaches (and maybe an iffy Yelp review, because as we all know, an upset customer goes straight to the internet.) 

Groomer or not, you’ll love these actionable takeaways, so listen in! 🐩


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