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Nov 20, 2022

What story will you find in your “books”? 

Nope, not the ones on your shelves you wish you had more time to read. We’re talking about your financial books! 💰

In this episode, Candace is joined by CPA and owner of Smashing Numbers, LLC, Maddie Brown. Maddie has been Candace’s go-to money resource and business accountant since her pet business ownership days, and she even works one on one with some Pet Boss Club members! 

Maddie is passionate about helping the small business owner unlock the power of staying aware and on top of their bookkeeping, taxes, and all things MONEY! 🤑

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

✔️ How understanding your books and financial situation will help you make the best decisions for the future of your small business. 

✔️ How to budget for your taxes (yes, we used the “ T” word), and why paying taxes only unfolds the story of a successful business. 

✔️ What your accountant should do for you (Spoiler: empower you, NOT make you feel guilty), and how to find the perfect fit. 

Don’t avoid money talk, Pet Boss! It doesn’t have to be hard, and these conversations are so crucial to making sure you’re managing your money in the right way for long-term success. Let us hold your hand through the tough money conversation so you can start taking full control of your pet business’ finances! 


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