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Nov 13, 2022

Small Business Saturday is all about celebrating you– your business, your accomplishments, and what you continue to build day in and day out in your pet business. 

And being that it’s just a couple of short weeks away, there’s nothing like some last-minute procrastination panic to get your butt in gear and make a Small Business Saturday plan! 

But seriously, when you’re a small business owner, time just seems to pass by 3x faster, and now you might find yourself wondering what you can do to make Small Business Saturday an extra special day for your pet business and your customers.

Even if you haven’t had time to map out an elaborate Small Business Saturday event, you can still go BIG on short notice, and it can be:

✔️ Easy

✔️ Inexpensive

✔️ And Impactful 

Want to hear 7 different ideas that you can pull off whether you’re starting two weeks before or two days before Small Business Saturday? Well, then grab a pen and listen to what Candace has to say in this episode! 


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