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Nov 6, 2022

Stop. Pause. Be grateful. Shift your mindset. You are doing a phenomenal job, Pet Boss. 

On today’s podcast episode, we’re kicking off November, a month that reminds us to be thankful, with a training exercise that will put all of the positive things in your life front and center in your mind, where they belong. 

When you make space for what you “get to do” every day versus what you “have to do” every day, your view changes, your focus increases, and your mindset shifts to a place of abundance. 

For example, as we celebrate our 50th episode of this podcast (🥳🥳🥳), we are reminded that we get to connect with, encourage, and serve our listeners every week by producing these podcast episodes. 

It’s not just another chore on our list. It’s an honor! 

So let’s take a few minutes to reflect. Grab a pen and some post-it notes (or scrap paper or the notes app on your phone), and let’s walk through an exercise that will leave you feeling more grateful, more inspired, and more motivated to keep on doing the fantastic things you’re already doing. 

Watch what great things can happen when your attitude is overflowing with gratitude! 


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