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Jul 31, 2022

Jamie Bright, founder of the Brighter Together Mastermind, joined Candace on this episode of the podcast to give you permission… 


🌟 Permission to explore different avenues of entrepreneurship, including finding others who can lift you up (and vice versa). 


🌟 Permission to step away from your to-do list and schedule time for whatever you want to be doing. 


🌟 Permission to… really pursue any of those big Pet Boss dreams you’ve thought about.


Jamie Bright has been an entrepreneur since 2009 when she started her photography business that she grew to $700,000 a year, but when she started to see dips in her progress, she felt called to make a pivot in her business path. 


Jamie didn’t lean into that pivot until the pandemic came along and she had no choice, but she is here to tell you: 


You don’t have to wait for someone to scream “PIVOT!!!!” at you like Ross in Friends to make a change. 


You have permission every step of the way, and even better, you can find people to guide you through those pivots when you need support! 


Are you waiting for permission to do the next big thing? Are you wondering if a mastermind is right for you? Stop waiting for permission, grab a pen for notetaking, and listen in to get Jamie’s fresh and eye-opening business perspectives! 


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