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Jul 3, 2022

June was Pride Month🏳️‍🌈, but gender equality in the workplace is something every business owner should have front of mind all year long! 

This episode contains the highlights of a webinar Pet Boss Nation® hosted called “Gender Pronouns In The Workplace”.

We hosted a rock star panel to look at the topic of gender pronouns and creating equitable workplaces from various angles. 

You’ll learn:

Why having a safe workplace for members of the LGBTQ+ community is so important. 

How to be a socially loud and proud ally. 

How to handle misgendering + the biggest hurdles as a pet business owner.

💜What to do when you or a team member says the wrong thing and important mindset shifts you can make. 

Gender Definitions– the difference between gender identity and expression, and cisgender, transgender, and non-binary. 

Legal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Know your role and responsibilities as an employer and/or rights as an employee.

No matter your personal beliefs, this is an important episode to open the door to conversations about how your workplace can become more equitable and safe for all! 


Meet our Panelists

Lee Finch (He/Him or They/Them), Animal Care Worker + Transgender Panelist

Michaela Nielsen (She/Her), President, Soarin Group + HR Specialist

Laurie Cox (She/Her), Founder, Unleashed Dog Camp + Queer Panelist

Abigail Witthauer (She/Her), Founder, Rover Chase + Ally Panelist


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