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Jun 12, 2022

Owning a pet business is exciting, but also scary. It’s thrilling, but also exhausting! It’s completely worth it, but can be completely overwhelming… 

Do you see where we’re going with this? 

In this episode, Candace talks about what she needed in her pet business ownership days– a community to support her, mentors to guide her, and resources to help her market her business and thrive. 

Those things just simply did not exist within the pet industry, so she had to fight her way to scaling and eventually selling 7-figure pet businesses on her own. And she DID. And then… 

She created the Pet Boss Club™️ so that other pet industry professionals would have access to the EXACT tools that would’ve helped her succeed faster. 

Listen to this episode for: 

  • A boost of inspiration to keep going! You WILL have the business of your Pet Boss™️ dreams someday. You just need to know what next steps to take. 
  • Motivation! Candace has seen it all– crazy business debt, a recession, dishonest employees, and SO much more. She succeeded despite all of those things, and you can too. 
  • AN EXCLUSIVE SURPRISE. That’s right, loyal Boss Your Business podcast listeners. We’ve hidden a special nugget just for YOU right inside this episode. You’ll want to save this phone number (312-847-2404) and listen to the episode for the secret code to claim your surprise! 

You do not have to feel isolated and stuck in your business, Pet Boss™️. You can see success faster when we work together!  


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